The Dalton Highway
and Arctic Alaska

Here are some photographs from our Prudhoe Bay/Dalton Highway tour. Northern Alaska Tours flew us from Fairbanks to Deadhorse, just south of Prudhoe Bay on a Frontier Air Service Raytheon/Beech 1900. That evening (we were in no hurry, the sun doesn't set here in June) we got a tour of the oilfields and a chance to dip our toes in the Arctic Ocean. We were then chauffered down the Dalton Highway back to Fairbanks for the next two days by our friendly, knowledgeable and very hardworking guide. If you take this tour, ask for Robin, and learn all the words to "Saginaw Michigan."

We had explored the possibility of driving the 450-mile, unpaved Dalton Highway (up and back) ourselves, but the savings of time, money, and effort of Northern Alaska Tour's 3-day packaged Prudhoe Bay Adventure(TM) were really worth it. In exchange for our freedom of itinerary, we were able to focus our attention on the sights instead of the road, met some great people, and saved priceless time to see more of Alaska.

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Day 1: Fairbanks to Deadhorse
10 photographs

Day 2: Deadhorse to Coldfoot
14 photographs

Day 3: Coldfoot to Fairbanks
(via Elliot Highway)

7 photographs

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